How To Sell DID Numbers Profitably ?


Communication service provider selling Direct Inward Dialing (DID) to other partners with high margins has not been easy in the past decades. lengthy process and agreements , financial risks, lack of transparency with peering partners makes it hard to stay profitable and scale your DID business.

TelecomsXChange new approach makes it easy for virtual numbers providers, mobile network operators (MNO) , CLECs, ITSPs, to sell their DID number inventory to on the market place.


TelecomsXChange provides the fastest payout method in the industry for Voice, SMS and DID numbers. The pay-out is done instantly via PayPal, Visa Virtual Card, Payoneer, Bank Wire.

TelecomsXChange membership lets DID service providers to keep 100% of the profits when you sell your DIDs to peering members via the platform, no commissions, no markups.

When uploading your bulk DIDs to market you get to name your monthly fee, setup fees, incoming price per minute or per message and billing intervals.

Market Reach

TelecomsXChange has already over 900 CSPs on its platform and special integration and partnership with the the only full stack CPaaS Enablement platform (Restcomm).

TelecomsXChange RESTFul API will provide real-time access to developers world-wide to search, purchase and release numbers on the DID exchange platform.

Technical Setup

In order to sell your virtual numbers (DID Numbers) on the exchange. First you will point the virtual number block to TelecomsXChange server,  via session Initiation protocol (SIP) and SMPP for SMS.

Once you have done that TelecomsXChange will initiate a test call to each number to confirm connectivity.

Assuming testing has been completed successfully on your DID Numbers, our team will publish the DIDs to the market view, which can be accessible via portal and application programming interface (API).

To get the exact DID number configuration please email .


  • To sell your DIDs on the market view you must own the numbers directly or have a direct MNO agreement to resell the DIDs on TelecomsXChange.
  • TelecomsXChange does not accept DIDs to be sold by individuals at this time.
  • TelecomsXChange lets you keep 100% of the profit margin for DIDs
  • Payout payment processing fees are paid by the DID provider
  • DID Provider may decrease monthly recurring price for DIDs or per minute fee and intervals immediately.
  • DID Provider price increases will only take effect after 30 days from the upload
  • TelecomsXChange will notify all subscribed buyers about the new rate change effective in 30 days
  • The support for DIDs will be direct between Buyer and Seller with no involvement from TelecomsXChange (Standard SLA)
  • The support for DIDs will include TelecomsXChange involvement (Premium SLA)
  • TelecomsXChange is interested in quality DIDs not price, you must provide an uptime of 99% or higher and a clear SLA for scheduled downtimes and maintenance windows.