How to become Softswitch Less ?

TelecomsXChange introduced The Private Route Exchange tool for all new and existing members, This is not only a feature ! it can act as a full replacement to a softswitch for some providers, saving members with  20-24,000  thousands of dollars a year.

Currently a large number of VoIP (Voice Over IP) service providers use a softswitch to buy and sell a route on the telecom market, in most cases the termination route provider uses a softswitch hosted in the cloud in order to be able to authenticate route buyers and manage routing and billing within the softswitch.

TelecomsXChange current functionality covers most of the technical functionality that any softswitch has to offer, except there was no ability to sell a route a different prices to different buyers based on volume or other factors before, with the Private Route Exchange tool TCXC (TelecomsXChange) member has the power to offer different rates to different buyers all in once place, with this tool being in place everything from route publishing, marketing, rate notification handling and money collection is available within TCXC Platform.

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