Programmable API

What is Programmable Wholesale Exchange?


Programmable Exchange, refers to communications service providers (CSPs) utilizing application programming interfaces (APIs) to automate the core actions for telecom wholesale buying and selling operations. Such as interconnection, carrier relations, market opportunity research, ticket escalation, communications, traffic routing control, ratings and reviews, financial settlements for Voice , SMS and Virtual Numbers.

The Mission

The Programmable Wholesale Exchange mission is to allow CSPs to automate their wholesale operations using programmable RESTful APIs. For the whole lifecycle of wholesale telecom exchange relationship, and provide carriers the ability to have real-time access programmatically to the voice, sms, virtual numbers market rates. Statistics and a complete interconnect and billing API. This project will help CSPs make accurate decisions in realtime powered by Ai or humans.

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UAE DID Numbers

You’re in a hurry to search and find a UAE DID phone number (AKA virtual number) and point it to your SIP infrastructure to start accepting business phone calls, what do you do?

In this blog post we show you how to search and buy a legit UAE phone number and point it to your IP-PBX to start accepting phone calls.

Lets search & Buy a UAE DID number

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New Payout Method, Unlimited Possibilities


We are excited to announce in the first week of 2019 Telecomsxchange new Payout method for seller members that sell Voice, SMS, DID numbers on TelecomsXChange Platform.

When requesting a payout you can now choose to get paid using Visa Prepaid Card that is accepted at of any merchant that accepts visa, or you can redeem it right on your virtual or physical credit card terminal.

How It Works ?

The process is very simple, when requesting a payout from your seller account, all you have to do is choose Prepaid Visa option and click send request, in few minutes you will receive an email with an attachment (Password protected) that contains your newly generated Visa Card which looks like this:

The phone number on file will receive an SMS message with the attachment secret password.

You can then use the card number and expiration date and security code to charge the card.

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DID Exchange

What is a DID Exchange?

DID Exchange refers to a two or more carriers exchange their direct inward dialing (DID) numbers inventory over the internet, when people make phone calls around the world the phone service providers send these calls from one phone number to another, the process of carriers obtaining, provisioning and assigning one or more DID number to communication service provider network is basically a DID Exchange.

DID Exchange Platform, Why Build One ?

In this blog we will not be discussing the reasons for DIDs growth, instead we will be focusing on why do we need to build an DIDs Exchange platform.

The Problem (Globally)

P.S: We are not focused on the problems related to North America Markets instead we’re generally speaking about international challenges when it comes to buying or selling DIDs.

If you have ever tried to buy or sell DIDs from operators before you’ll immediately connect emotionally to this blog post 🙂 if not i will try to explain to you some of the problems you will face if you’re trying to connect to operators to obtain DID numbers.

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Building Smart Notifier @ Aspire Smart Hackathon

Building Real-time Emergency Dispatcher System (Smart Notifier) (Day 1 at Aspire Smart Hackathon)

First I want to personally thank Aspire and ZINC team for putting this really nice Hackathon together. It was really fun today on building a new team of smart IOS, Android and UI engineers to build the idea, “Smart Notifier” an emergency dispatcher system that utilizes the latest and greatest technologies such as CPaaS APIs to provide real-time emergency notifications via SMS, Voice, Push to the right people at the right time along with accurate location coordinates using big data APIs like Twitter, Google to detect and dispatch notifications automatically. .

The idea of Smart Notifier to plug into Big data source (e.g Twitter, Facebook) and or any data source to automatically detect emergencies and notify the right person in the right area at the right time using SMS, Voice, Push, Email and others channels.

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