SMS Exchange

How CPaaS Providers Can Save Millions Of Dollars ?

Why CPaaS Providers need to utilize Exchange Platforms to grow faster and innovate more?

CPaaS providers can innovate more and save millions of dollars by utilizing VoIP Exchange Platforms, this blog post explains how this can be achieved by utilizing TelecomsXChange APIs to automate carrier relations tasks, routing and Network Operation Tasks.

Telecom Exchange Platforms refers to when service providers and carriers utilize a an exchange platform to Interconnect, Buy and Sell Voice, SMS termination services.

By definition the core focus of exchange platforms is interconnection expansion, buying and selling at best rate possible and Qos monitoring of traffic, each category mentioned takes significant amount of work to accomplish and thats why you see a great gap in the prices CPaaS providers buy at and the real-market rates on exchange platforms.

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SMS Exchange

What is SMS Exchange?

SMS Exchange refers to a two or more carriers exchange sms traffic over the public network, when people send sms messages around the world the telecom service providers send these SMS messages from one destination to another, the process of sending and receiving these sms messages is is referred to SMS Exchange.

SMS Exchange Platform, Why Build One ?

In this blog we will not be discussing the reasons for SMS growth, instead we will be focusing on why do we need to build an SMS Exchange platform.

The Problem

If you have ever tried to get SMS interconnections with operators before you’ll immediately connect emotionally to this blog post, if not i will try to explain to you some of the problems you will face if you’re trying to connect to SMS carriers.

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