Providing real-time billing to your communication platform as a service (CPaaS) customers is critical, as it ensures that everyone pumps traffic within the authorized limits. Centralized and real-time charging expands your selling possibilities and decreased your risk of fraud by a significant percentage.

In this blog post, we’ll go over how to use TelecomsXChange (TCXC) as a realtime Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA or Triple A) for your Restcomm cloud CPaaS platform.

How To Use TCXC as Prepaid CPaaS Billing?

TCXC can provide your sub-accounts on Restcomm cloud with realtime prepaid charging leveraging Restcomm Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) feature. This feature allows you to route each sub-account to a a specific SIP or SMPP profile.

Let’s say you want sub-account AC12348xxxx for (Enterprise A) to go through prepaid billing before the message or voice call is finally sent out, in a few steps you’re able to achieve this:

How it works?

  • Login to TCXC Buyer Portal
  • Link your TCXC Account(s) with your Restcomm Sub-account(s)
  • Manage prices for Voice and SMS in TCXC Seller console or API
  • Set prepaid limits or credit limit per account, when account reaches 0 the traffic will be automatically blocked.
  • SMS / Voice Traffic will pass through TCXC to perform AAA before it’s sent to the final termination destination

Additional features worth mentioning:

  • Set SMPP rate limit per account
  • Set SIP concurrent call limit per account
  • Authorize based on country prefix length or MCCMNC
  • Share balance between accounts or use Own balance per account
  • Block/Unblock accounts
  • Online top-up (Stripe, CashU, Bank, ACH, PayPal)
  • Set online top up limit per sub-account
  • Price change notifications

CPaaS Virtual Numbers Billing

A critical part of CPaaS is phone numbers (AKA Virtual Numbers or DIDs), TCXC platform gets this part handled, sellers can host and set the pricing for phone numbers using the TCXC Seller console or API,

Supported features for Virtual Numbers billing:

  • Set monthly recurring price per phone number
  • Set one time setup fee
  • Set per minute/second price for incoming voice calls to the number
  • Set per message incoming rate for SMS (Concatenated Billing is supported)
  • Immediate wallet deduction upon purchase
  • Low balance reminders
  • Upcoming number renewal alerts
  • Automatic monthly recurring collection from prepaid wallet
  • Virtual number subscription logs (History of number ownership)
  • Automatically remove number from API and console upon purchasing
  • Automatically restore number to API and console upon canceling or releasing the phone number
  • Price change notifications

Additional Virtual Number Features

  • Configure verification document requirements where needed.
  • Authorize inbound SMS and voice calls only once verification documents approved.
  • Set number(s) capabilities [Voice, SMS, FAX, Video].
  • Automatic RESTful API enablement for all your hosted numbers.

Once you have finished hosting you’re virtual numbers on TCXC and setup the billing details for them, Restcomm can leverage the Programmable X DID exchange API to interact with virtual numbers on the backend.

What’s Next ?

Contact for assistance on setting up communication platform as a service (CPaaS) prepaid billing.