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What is Programmable Wholesale Exchange?


Programmable Exchange, refers to communications service providers (CSPs) utilizing application programming interfaces (APIs) to automate the core actions for telecom wholesale buying and selling operations. Such as interconnection, carrier relations, market opportunity research, ticket escalation, communications, traffic routing control, ratings and reviews, financial settlements for Voice , SMS and Virtual Numbers.

The Mission

The Programmable Wholesale Exchange mission is to allow CSPs to automate their wholesale operations using programmable RESTful APIs. For the whole lifecycle of wholesale telecom exchange relationship, and provide carriers the ability to have real-time access programmatically to the voice, sms, virtual numbers market rates. Statistics and a complete interconnect and billing API. This project will help CSPs make accurate decisions in realtime powered by Ai or humans.

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Epic Communications joins TelecomsXChange

Dominica’s CLEC Joins TelecomsXChange

Friday, May 3rd, 2019 Epic Communication a licensed CLEC (competitive local exchange carrier) based in Roseau, Dominica serving 200+ enterprise and residential customers announced  joining TelecomsXChange platform to offer direct 0 hop termination and DID Numbers  to Dominica – Flow  networks to over 500 CSPs on TelecomsXChange.

Epic communications is currently interconnected via Fiber optic with Flow (A Cable & Wireless company) and is currently negotiating a direct interconnect with Digicel in The Dominica Island.

Epic Communications Dedicated Numbering Plan:

Number Block Assigned by the Regulator: +1-767-818-XXXX

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Mitto is now on TelecomsXChange

Working together to enhance SMS network performance!

About Mitto

Mitto has a singular mission – to provide our customers with the most reliable, robust SMS Messaging platform in the industry. That’s why technology is at the heart of everything we do. Our in-house team of developers make up more than a third of our staff and between them have designed a platform with proprietary connected dynamic routing that guarantees our customers’ SMS messages get to the right person, at the right time, in the right place – in the most cost effective way possible.

Mitto on TelecomsXChange

TelecomXChange is a unique platform and online market for Voice and SMS routes where CPaaS providers can choose vendors by quality and price and communicate directly between them.

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E.212 to E.164 Mapping (Voice – SMS Unification)

SMS Termination Rates (E.212 -> E.164)

There are three types of GT in use in mobile networks known as E.164 (MSISDN), E.212(IMSI) and E.214(MGT):

Billing systems understand to charge according to E.164 format (CC+AC) but all SMS termination providers send you their updated lists in E.212 format (MCCMNC).

So to solve this problem you would assume that there is a list ready that you can use to map the E.164 and E.212 together. I thought so too but unfortunately there isn’t an accurate single list available on the net that would provide you that.

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Build Telecommunication Applications visually with RVD

The power of voice and SMS solutions at your fingertips. Build communication flows using our drag-and-drop Visual Designer tool with CPaaS.

RestcommONE Visual Designer is an easy to use drag-and-drop builder that enables non-programmers to prototype or create telecommunication applications.

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